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      • Electronic label technology and research status at home and abroad

        Electronic label technology and research status at home and abroad

          ?In the research literature at home and abroad, the current research on electronic labels mainly focuses on the following three aspects. ? 1 Chip technology ? Chip technology is a core technology of RFID technology. A tag chip is a system, which integrates all circuits except tag antenna a...
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      • The application of RFID in sports

        The application of RFID in sports

        For the first time in the history of Olympic tickets, Beijing has adopted chip embedding technology. When ticket holders enter the venues, they only need to swipe their tickets on the ticket checking instrument. In fact, this kind of chip is only a part of the whole identification system. The ful...
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      • RFID Jewelry Tag Management System Solution

        RFID Jewelry Tag Management System Solution

          Why does the jewelry industry need RFID Jewelry Tag management solutions? 1. The jewelry industry has unique industry characteristics, such as expensive material products, small production scale, and special management methods. RFID Jewelry Tag can manage the jewelry and help to complete...
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      • Application of Rfid tags

        Application of Rfid tags

        Libraries use RFID tags extensively to protect their inventory and RFID tags, allowing people to use self-checkout machines. When you use one of the machines to check books in or out of the library, you may want to know how to know which books you borrowed without having to scan the barcode. The ...
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      • Trustech French exhibition closed successfully

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      • RFID Tags have play a good role in our life

        RFID Tags have play a good role in our life

        RFID label or?rfid tags, we call it like that both of them is the same thing. Here we call it?rfid tags. I don’t konw whether people all know its structure or what it make up. RFID tags can be either passive, active or battery-assisted passive. An active tag has an on-board battery and peri...
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      • Why should you consider to choose PVC cards?

        Why should you consider to choose PVC cards?

          We all know the essentiality of having cards. Be it any type of cards it required to work for long term. In such occurrence, PVC cards are the superlative type of card which is provided with various features. Amongst various material PVC alone suits well for multiple types of cards like ID...
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      • RFID Laundry Label

        Under the background of the Internet of Things, RFID technology continues to evolve, and the popularity of RFID technology in various industries will be the future development trend. In the washing industry, RFID laundry labels are an ideal label management for laundry, hotel linen and other wash...
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      • PVC Prepaid Card

        The PVC prepaid card is a “prepaid, post-consumer” card made of PVC material. Today, China has become one of the largest consumer markets in the world. In the process of stimulating market vitality and tapping the potential of consumption, prepaid consumption has played a significant ...
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      • RFID Ear Tags

        RFID ear tags use RFID technology to identify and measure the characteristics of animals over long distances. The working principle of the RFID electronic ear tag is built-in chip and antenna, which carries the individual information of each animal, and belongs to the personal identification card...
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