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      About Us


      Shenzhen Sunlanrfid Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2006, focused on development and resource, production and sales for the integration of a high technology enterprise and committed to manufacturing smart card, IC card, smart tag and smart inlay as well as built up significant partnership with NXP, FM, ISSI, Atmel and so forth.
      Well-Equipped with the most advanced working machines: Germany Heidelberg CMYK Four Color Offset Printing Machine, Five Color Offset Printing Machine and established Independent COB Binding Department, 38 Full- Automatic Inlay Production Lines, Full-Automatic Punching Machine, Full-Automatic Laminator.
      The capacity of production reaches ?30 million contact IC cards?per year, 60 million contactless?IC cards?per year, 20 million special-shaped cards per year and 100?million inlays?per year.


      global professional RFID products?provider


      enable smart card technology to all over the world

      Service aim


      Business philosophy

      stress effectiveness, improve management, enhance quality and increase?the benefits


      : insist on?first-class management and produce first-class products

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